Sailing (Maps)

Sailing (Maps) is divided by levels REGION > BASE POINT > MAPS. To go Sailing, on the main screen, Captain please choose Sailing.



When the Sailing screen comes out, Captain can choose the region you want to conquer, then sellects the level.



In the Region screen, Catain can choose the Base Point (1) and the Maps (2), and then click on the two crossed swords to fight!



Captain can choose quickly fight (get directly result) by sellecting the Maps then click on "Clear 1" or "Clear 10" which correspond to the number of times you want to fight with the sellected Maps.



Note: Sailing on the  Emperors War have four difficulty levels, There are some conditions with each level:


Easy Maps: Can be fight immediately.
Normal Maps: Captain needs to complete the Easy and has at least 312 stars
Hard Maps: Captain needs to complete the Normal and has at least 312 stars
Nightmare Maps: Comming soon!