Caution: Refunding and punishments

Dear Captains,

Recently we have detected many cases of refunding and trading illegal recharge packages in order to cheat Gold. This conduct has been massively affecting the publisher and all other Captains.

Therefore,  Emperors War team has cooperated with Apple Store and Google Play to scan and check all cases of refunding via In-App Purchase and trading illegal recharge packages.

We decide to take actions and announce the punishments to these cases as follows:

1.  Emperors War shall block all accounts which have behaviors of using illegal recharge packages.

2. Owners of such accounts (both buying and selling) will be charged by the criminal proceedings against them for intentionally seeking profit based on the range of damage.

For the benefit and justice of all players,  Emperors War truly hopes to get your collaboration in carrying out our policy, and “say NO to trading illegal recharge packages”.

Thank you so much!